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Operation Smile is an international organization dedicated to providing free surgeries for children and young adults all around the world in developing countries who were born with cleft lip, palate and other facial deformities. As an organization started just last year, students in Operation Smile at SFSU strive to raise funds for those surgeries, raise awareness of Operation Smile, contribute to the society around us through volunteer work, as well as promote smiles and positivity. ​

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To serve the community, Operation Smile at SFSU volunteers with local organizations such as BORP (Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program), Glide, as well as St. Anthony’s. We also schedule and organize events that serve the community and help us become closer as a group, including our own beach clean up followed by brunch, and fundraising events including a bowling night. Operation Smile at SFSU will continue these efforts into this year, and cannot wait for what is next to come!

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Amanda Courdy

My name is Amanda Courdy and I'm the Operation Smile President. From the moment I heard about Operation Smile and their mission, I knew it was an amazing organization and I needed to be apart of it. I’ve been apart of the club this past school year, and I’ve seen the powerful impact that can be made in a child’s life with the opportunities Operation Smile provides. I've always been passionate about working with and helping children. This club allows me to extend that help all across the world. It's an amazing feeling every time our club is able to donate to Operation Smile, whether it's funding a surgery, toys or supplies. I plan to organize toy drives, fundraisers and socials to continue to raise supplies and funds to donate. I also enjoy all the volunteer opportunities, because it allows our members to spread awareness, as well as help others in our community. Some examples of the volunteer opportunities we are involved with include serving meals at Daily Free Meal Programs, community clean up projects and hiking with people who are visually impaired. I am so thankful for both Operation Smile and the Communicative Disorder Major. Everyday I'm at school and working with my classmates, I'm surrounded by others who are just as passionate as I am about Speech Pathology and it's a wonderful feeling. I'm eager for next year to begin so our members can continue to spread the love and positivity of Operation Smile. Thank you :) 


McClaren Unholz

Hello my name is McClaren Unholz, Vice President of Operation Smile at SFSU. I am so incredibly honored and excited to be a part of Operation Smile. Their mission is something I instantly connected with and felt like I could really contribute to. This year I would like to expand our club into programs other than CD. I would like to plan many volunteer opportunities  that will allow us to simultaneously serve our community and spread awareness of Operation Smile and their mission. I also hope to assist our President in coordinating socials, drives and other events in which we will raise funds and materials to donate to Operation Smile International. I am looking forward to a wonderful year of fun and service with our amazing members! ​​​


Erika Meisenheimer

Hello! My name is Ericka Meisenheimer, and I’m happy to be Operation Smile secretary. I have been a part of this club throughout this past school year, and have loved the volunteering opportunities and friendships I have built. Along with being a full time student at SF State, I work part time as a nanny to a family of 4 children ages 6-13. Working with children has been a part of my life for the past 10 years and cannot imagine doing anything else. This major, along with my work experience has really solidified my interest in pursing a degree in Special Education. Although, most of time is filled with work and school, I enjoy cooking and photography during my free time. I am looking forward to working with both the Communicative Disorders faculty and NSSLHA to help make this next school year a great one.


Cailin Simi

​​My name is Cailin Simi and I am the Treasurer for Operation Smile for the 2017-18 school year. I am so excited to help out in the club and be even more involved in the Communicative Disorders major. I've loved being a part of the CD major this past year and have really enjoyed learning more about the field of speech pathology. Throughout the course of the junior year classes, I discovered that I want to work in a medical setting as a speech pathologist when I am done with graduate school. I will be volunteering at a hospital this summer and observing the speech therapy unit. I hope to do the same at SF General this coming school year to gain more experience. Thank you for all you do, I'm looking forward to working with you next year!


Reina Carmona