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Declaring Communicative Disorders as a Major:768B98
- The CD major can be declared at any moment, though introductory classes are only offered in the Fall.

- Visit the CD website for more information: 
     - see the section titled undergraduate or Transfer Students Declaring the CD Major
- CD classes do not begin until Junior year
- To declare, visit

Classes offered only in the Fall (Major Classes Before Fall 2017):
- CD 651: Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech Mechanism
- CD 652: Audiology
- CD 656: Diagnosis of Communicative Disorders
- CD 659: Articulation and Phonological Disorders
- CD 660: Communicative Disorders
- CD 668: Language Acquisition and Development 

Classes offered only in the Spring (Major Classes Before Fall 2017): 
- CD 653: Fluency and Voice Disorders 
- CD 654: Audiometry
- CD 658: Communication Development and Disorders
- CD 661: Neurolinguistics
- CD 663: Augmentative and Alternative Communication 
- CD 664: Clinical Phonetics

- To apply for graduation, visit:

Requirements to apply to the Master's Program:
- Official transcript
- Minimum GPA of 3.0
- 2 letters of recommendation 
- Personal essay
- Passed CBEST

- Either GRE (must get a 3.5 or higher for writing) or CSET
- Complete application before December 15th

Incoming Juniors!

Classes offered only in the Fall (Major Classes After Fall 2017):
- CD 651: Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech Mechanism
- CD 652: Anatomy and Physiology of Hearing
- CD 655: Dynamics of Language Development
- CD 300: Human Communacative Disorders
- CD 664: Phonetics
- CD 657: Aural Rehabilitation
-CD 656GW: Diagnostics

Classes offered only in the Spring (Major Classes After Fall 2017): 
- CD 661: Neurolinguistics
- CD 654: Audiometry
- CD 680: Audiometry Lab
​- CD 658: Atypical Language Development
- CD 668: Typical & Atypical Social Communication Development
- CD 659: Typical & Atypical Articulation and Phonological Development
- CD 663: Augumentative & Alternative Communication


- Must take the Graduate Essay Test during the first semester of graduate work. 
- Must take the Praxis II Exam during the final semester of graduate work.
- Must complete all graduate work within 7 years.
- Must complete 375 clinical clock hours + 25 observation hours. 
- Foreign students must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (if previous post-secondary institution was not English based).

Classes offered only in the Fall:
- CD 701: Seminar in Language Differences and Disorders in Children 
- CD 705: Seminar in Aural Rehabilitation 
- CD 708: Seminar in Neurogenic Disorders of Language
- CD 768: Seminar in Advanced Clinical Skills

Classes offered only in the Spring:
- CD 706: Seminar in Counseling in Communicative Disorders
- CD 707: Advanced Seminar in Language Disorders in Children 
- CD 709: Seminar in Motor Speech Disorders
- CD 710: Seminar in Dysphagia 
- CD 756: Advanced Diagnosis of Communicative Disabilities 
- ISED 797: Seminar in Educational Research