operation Smile 

Who We Are

Operation Smile is an international organization dedicated to providing free surgeries

for children and young adults all around the world in developing countries who were born with

cleft lip, palate and other facial deformities. As an organization started just last year, students in

Operation Smile at SFSU strive to raise funds for those surgeries, raise awareness of Operation

Smile, contribute to the society around us through volunteer work, as well as promote smiles

and positivity.

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Join Us

To serve the community, Operation Smile at

SFSU volunteers with local organizations such as BORP (Bay Area Outreach and Recreation

Program), Glide, as well as St. Anthony’s. We also schedule and organize events that serve the

community and help us become closer as a group, including our own beach clean up followed

by brunch, and fundraising events including a bowling night. Operation Smile at SFSU will

continue these efforts into this year, and cannot wait for what is next to come!

Every Thursday

Burk Hall

Our Officers 

Ani Harbottle

Hi there! My name is Ani and I am the president of Operation Smile at SFSU. Over the
course last year, I fell in love with the communicative disorders major, NSSLHA, as well as
Operation Smile. I participated in many Operation Smile as well as NSSLHA events, furthering
my love, respect and understanding of their importance to my time at SF State. I believe that
both NSSLHA and Operation Smile compliment each other in their vision and dedication to
society. In particular, I feel that the opportunities presented by Operation Smile help us
understand how other people live around the world, as well as inspire us to have the
compassion and drive to do something if help is needed. I’m so unbelievably proud to be part of
Operation Smile and I hope others who join find it just as inspiring as I do.


Jazelle Chong

Hi my name is Jazelle and I am very excited to be taking on a leadership role this year as Operation Smile's Vice President! I am currently in my 4th year here at SF State pursuing my Bachelor's degree in the Communicative Disorders undergrad program. As a nonprofit organization, Operation Smile supports medical professionals and volunteers as they travel to developing countries providing free surgeries to children born with cleft lip and cleft palate. My interest has grown tremendously as I learned more about this organization and the commitment it makes to helping others. As a club we are spreading awareness and raising money, meanwhile somewhere in the world there’s a child who with our help is one step closer to receiving a surgery that changes their life in the best way possible. It is incredibly inspiring to be surrounded by compassionate people who truly value the positive effect they can have. I hope each and every one of you will get involved with Operation Smile as well as NSSLHA in any way you can! :)


Emily Villalobos

As a senior in the Communicative Disorders Program, I have begun to pursue my dreams to become a speech-language pathologist while pushing myself to work harder than I ever have. During my first year at San Francisco State University I have accomplished so much in a short amount of time. Along with my Secretary position for Operation Smile, I am the Graduate College of Education Representative for Associated Students, a teaching intern for Pin@y Educational Partnerships, an assistant early intervention teacher for Speech Goals, and a tutor at Los Cerritos Elementary. My busy lifestyle keeps me motivated and I am proud to say that I am able to learn from and help others in all of my experiences. I hope that in the future I can work with individuals of all ages and specialize in voice disorders. The voice has always been something I’ve been passionate about because of my love for singing, which I hope to incorporate into my future practice. Every person has a voice and I would love to be the person who helps them find it.


David Sivard

What’s up, the name’s Dave. After leaving my hometown of Long Beach, CA to commute every weekend to be a SFSU student I was given the opportunity to become a part of this student organization. I’m super excited to be treasurer of Operation Smile at San Francisco State for the 2016-2017 academic year. This is my second year in the Communicative Disorders major and I’ve enjoyed the experience so far. Operation Smile has given me a platform to not only expand my knowledge of the organization but to help those in need by contributing as much time, energy, and resources as I possibly can. My goal, with the help of Operation Smile is to improve the quality of life for anyone with speech language disorders by networking with my peers as well as doctors involved in the program. I am intrigued with this wonderful opportunity given to me and hope to make a positive impact in the Speech Language Pathology Community.