CD Survival Guide

NSSLHA's Guide to Grad School

A guide written for  students by students 
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Declaring Communicative Disorders as a Major:
- Major can be declared at any moment, though introductory classes are only offered in the Fall. Visit the CD website for more information 

see the section titled ndergraduate or Transfer Students Declaring the CD Major
- CD work does not begin until Junior year
- To declare, visit:

Classes offered only in the Fall:
- CD 651: Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech Mechanism
- CD 652: Audiology
- CD 656: Diagnosis of Communicative Disorders
- CD 659: Articulation and Phonological Disorders
- CD 660: Communicative Disorders
- CD 668: Language Acquisition and Development 

Classes offered only in the Spring: 
- CD 653: Fluency and Voice Disorders 
- CD 654: Audiometry
- CD 658: Communication Development and Disorders
- CD 661: Neurolinguistics
- CD 663: Augmentative and Alternative Communication 
- CD 664: Clinical Phonetics

- To apply for graduation, visit:

Requirements to apply to the Master's Program:
- Official transcript
- Minimum GPA of 3.0
- 2 letters of recommendation 
- Personal essay
- Passed CBEST
- Complete application before December 15th


- Must take the Graduate Essay Test during the first semester of graduate work. 
- Must take the Praxis II Exam during the final semester of graduate work.
- Must complete all graduate work within 7 years.
- Must complete 375 clinical clock hours + 25 observation hours. 
- Foreign students must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (if previous post-secondary institution   
   was not English based).

Classes offered only in the Fall:
- CD 701: Seminar in Language Differences and Disorders in Children 
- CD 705: Seminar in Aural Rehabilitation 
- CD 708: Seminar in Neurogenic Disorders of Language
- CD 768: Seminar in Advanced Clinical Skills

Classes offered only in the Spring:
- CD 706: Seminar in Counseling in Communicative Disorders
- CD 707: Advanced Seminar in Language Disorders in Children 
- CD 709: Seminar in Motor Speech Disorders
- CD 710: Seminar in Dysphagia 
- CD 756: Advanced Diagnosis of Communicative Disabilities 
- ISED 797: Seminar in Educational Research